Emily didn’t have the greatest of sleeps last night – so it goes with little ones I guess – and it certainly took a little longer than usual to get her out of her cot this morning. Given our tight time schedule (Chantelle working an early, meaning that she needs to be in at the work at 08:00, which in turn means that while she gets ready I need to pack the bags and lunches, and get the kiddies ready for the day), I gently woke Emily up, lifted her out of the cot, carried her over to say a sleepy hi to Chantelle and Jessica, before returning to the room to get my still sleepy baby dressed for the day.

Arming her with distracting fluffy toys, I laid her down on the changing mat, removed her pajama pants and full nappy, cleaned up and got ready to put the replacement nappy on.

Which is the exact point that my hand and foot were all of a sudden warm and wet.

Sigh, at least there is one advantage of having a little girl as opposed to a little boy – I only have to deal with puddles and not sprinkler systems! :)

baby bum in nappy on a yellow changing map

And as an extra bonus, Chantelle snapped some pictures of Emily’s amazing head of bed hair this morning – just to give you an idea as to how very much asleep she still was this morning:

baby emily lotter in pajamas with her tousled bed hair 1

baby emily lotter in pajamas with her tousled bed hair 2

I empathize with you my girl. When its dark like this in the morning, who wouldn’t still want to sleep a little more! :)