As the official website says: “Gordon’s Bay hosts the spectacular Winter Wonderland Festival of Lights from 19 June to 19 July 2015. The highlight is the Carnival Weekends from 26 – 28 June & 3 – 5 July 2015. Come join us for music, markets and merrymaking!”

As it stands, other than seeing Geon’s magic show on the last day of the last carnival weekend (very entertaining), and strolling through the fairy light lit up milkwood tree walk along the beach at night, we kind of missed it all – even the kids rides.

We did however for a change entertain friends (who joined us for penguins, botanical gardens and then a big braai) and family (pizza evening!), which kind of was more fun anyway! :P

And besides, the kids had a blast regardless:

IMG_20150627_163329 emily lotter toddler playing in the sand on gordons bay beach

IMG_20150627_163412 jessica lotter kids playing in the sand on gordons bay beach

IMG_20150627_163754 friends playing in the sand on gordons bay beach

(My phone’s camera can’t really take pictures at night, hence a complete lack of awesome fairy light photos!)

IMG_20150627_185851 gordons bay winter wonderland festival of lights milkwood trees

IMG_20150627_191112 playing with sparklers at winter wonderland

As you can see, Emily definitely reckons I should get a better camera! :P

IMG_20150628_140749 emily lotter at gordons beach lodge

Next year we’ll make more of an effort to attend this awesome Gordon’s Bay event. Promise!