On our way through to Montagu for our little holiday at Rainbow Glen, we drove past an interesting little spot in Ashton, fronted by a rather large and impressive historic steam locomotive!

IMG_20150707_134126 decommissioned locomotive at platform 62 in ashton

Platform 62 is a tourism centre associated with Route 62, and hosts impressive antiques and wine sales sections, as well as a restaurant area.

IMG_20150707_134140 at platform 62 in ashton

There’s an outside eating area as well, stocked with all kinds of kiddie activities, guaranteed to entertain the little ones. Chickens run wild (which you can buy feed for if your kids are into that), and then of course there is Fanie die vark (Fanie the pig) who wanders about both inside and out!

(As it turns out, both Jessica and Emily were more than just a little terrified of Fanie the pig!)

IMG_20150707_140019 fanie die vark pig at platform 62 in ashton

Something however to look out for at the restaurant is definitely their delicious springbok (venison) pie – definitely worth every penny! :)

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