Last month Jessica came to us with a request straight out of the blue. She wanted earrings. Naturally, our first response was to inform her that of course she could get earrings, but explained to her that first the people would have to make holes in her ears, it would be sore, and there might be a little bit of blood.

Not put off in the least, and because her best friends at school all wanted to do the same (if not already so), Jessica was determined that now was the time to get her very first set of earrings in her ears!

IMG_20150620_120548 jessica lotter getting her ears pierced at ralo cosmetics in the helderberg centre shopping mall

So Chantelle did some asking about on Facebook, and Ralo Cosmetics in the Helderberg Centre came up tops – in particular because for kids they use two people at once, meaning that it’s a once off piercing that covers both ears.

Sadly for us (and by us I mean Jessica), come the Saturday that we took her, only one shop assistant was available on the day – meaning she would have to endure the pain of the piercing gun shot twice.

Again, not that this put Jessica off in the least.

She was quite determined to be brave and get it done, and despite Chantelle’s best efforts to dissuade her once we arrived at the shop (truthfully, Chantelle was WAY more nervous than Jessica), Jess stuck to her guns, chose a pair of beautiful, colourful little earrings from the display, and got comfortable in the chair.

IMG_20150620_120550 jessica lotter getting her ears pierced at ralo cosmetics in the helderberg centre shopping mall

A quick explanation, one form signed, and a showing of the piercing gun to Jessica, the first piercing was literally over in the blink of an eye, obviously painful, but nothing that a quick hug from Mommy couldn’t solve.

Truth be told, I was amazed that Jessica let barely a tear out (she cries quite easily, hence my shock), and just like that the second was done and dusted as well, leaving my gorgeous little girl with two rainbow-coloured gems in her ears!

IMG_20150620_120941 jessica lotter getting her ears pierced at ralo cosmetics in the helderberg centre shopping mall

Needless to say, she was more than just a little chuffed, and immediately had to let everyone know and show them off.

(This went on for more than a week at the school apparently! Also, the aftercare of new piercings was a lot worse than the actual piercing itself. That led to quite a bit of tears for the next week or two come cleaning time every evening!)

As a reward (but mainly because we still had quite a bit of the afternoon left and could do with a spot of lunch), we treated the girls to some pink milkshakes and outdoor play time at Bossa Social Cafe in Somerset West.

IMG_20150620_130235 jungle gym play area at bossa social cafe and bar in somerset west

Which wasn’t the last time we would eat out that weekend mind you.

Sunday was Father’s Day, and was delightfully kicked off with me receiving some awesome Father’s Day cookies from my girls in bed, followed by a trip through to The Bloemhof in Durbanville for a Father’s Day spitbraai lunch… the perfect opportunity for Jessica to show off her new shiny ear accessories to Ouma and Oupa of course! :)

IMG_20150621_083010 chantelle lotter with the girls and their father's day cookies

IMG_20150621_083207_1 craig lotter with his girls on fathers days

(If you aren’t familiar with The Bloemhof restaurant and guest house, this historical building is in fact a Victorian manor house which was built in 1899 by Phillipus Botha on the farm Bloemhof – and was later owned by Frank Kuffner who played a vital role in the wine industry of South Africa. These days, it is actually quite a ‘lekker kuier plek’.)

IMG_20150621_124435 father's day lunch at the bloemhof