Chantelle’s Toshiba laptop that I bought her for Christmas a little while back is a Windows 8.1 single language install. The language currently set is English (United Kingdom). I needed to use it the other day and was rather annoyed to discover that for some reason the @ and ” buttons were mixed up – if I hit shift+2 I was getting ” instead of the promised @ – infuriating indeed!

A quick Google search lead me to the culprit behind this annoyance – my currently set input language wasn’t matching my physical keyboard layout.

To fix, I needed to set the keyboard layout to match the physical layout, in this case English (US).

To do this, I fired up Search via the Windows key and headed off to my Control Panel. Next, under “Clock, Language and Region”, I clicked on “Change input method”.

change keyboard layout screenshot 1

As you can see, my language is set to English (United Kingdom). To get the Keyboard layout to rather be US, I clicked on the “Options” item and set the input method explicitly to “US”.

change keyboard layout screenshot 2


change keyboard layout screenshot 3

I’m particularly happy to report that doing this solved my problem, meaning I can now type a @ when I mean a @ and a ” when I mean a “! :)