So despite the fact that I said no more plastic things for the kids following the earlier destruction of Jessica’s playhouse, I couldn’t exactly say no when Michelle Oosthuizen offered to pass on Logan’s slide to us for Emily (because they were taking over Zandea’s bigger slide).

Not that Emily would have let me say no mind you – judging by just how much fun she had it when it arrived home following our visit with Michelle and Logan to the Giraffe House and Wild Clover.

IMG_20150808_180455 emily enjoying her slide

Clambering up like all little girls do:

IMG_20150808_180442 emily clambering up her slide

Sliding down face first because when you’re this small, you fear no heights:

IMG_20150808_180610 emily sliding face first

Thankfully I had the foresight to plonk down some pillows on the tiles, because… faceplant!

IMG_20150808_180614 emily faceplant on her pillow from her slide

Surprisingly enough, Jessica isn’t even particularly jealous over this new addition to our house – she’s far more concerned with playing princess in her new blue princess dress that Chantelle bought for her from the princess shop in Willowbridge:

IMG_20150801_141012 jessica in her blue princess dress bought at willowbridge

So much excitement in the Lotter household – no wonder I tend to find them like this more often than not on our weekends out and about! :)

IMG_20150808_163809 jessica and emily asleep in their car seats