So Jessica got chickenpox. Luckily for us though (though they say it isn’t so serious in children anyway), very, very mildly. The rash of red bumps spread and did what they’re supposed to do, but thankfully caused no discomfort whatsoever for Jessica – who is pretty ‘kleinserig’ at the best of times!

IMG_20150824_092443 jessica at home during chickenpox quarantine

However, this did mean that she was forced to stay out of school for a week, no big deal because obviously I work from home most of the week anyway – however, the operative word here is ‘work’, meaning that poor Jessica had to entertain herself for five straight days – pretty difficult for a four year old to do!

IMG_20150824_121533 jessica at home during chickenpox quarantine

Whilst lots of fun in the beginning, the novelty of not going to school rapidly wore off for Jess – five days of movies, toys, puzzles, colouring in books and no friends to play with can become pretty boring, pretty quickly!

IMG_20150827_120949 jessica at home during chickenpox quarantine

Still, at least she was happy about the fact that she got to wear princess dresses all week long! ;)

(Emily might also have had it – possibly. But we base this entirely on a small patch of spots/bumps on her leg that didn’t spread nor go red. So not so sure about that one…)

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