A couple of weekends ago, at the end of one of my frequent “Dad and the girls” adventures, I treated Jessica and Emily for a ice cream and play stop at Waterstone Village McDonalds (the only one I ever take the girls to because of its size, quietness, and small play area).

Everything was nice and civillized at the beginning of our little food stop, but after a while, the girls asked to go play in the play area and so off they went. I went to grab a newspaper and returned to my seat overlooking the play area – only to find this:

Somehow Jessica and Emily together had managed to get Emily up into a feeding chair, after which Jessica proceeded to feed Emily ice cream by the spoonful…

IMG_20150919_141043 jessica feeding emily ice cream at mcdonalds

… who it must be said, really seemed to be enjoying it! :)

IMG_20150919_141035 jessica feeding emily ice cream at mcdonalds

(As any parent of two children, the one being a fair bit older than the other, can attest to – finding your kids actually playing together and sharing a laugh is a pretty rare occurrence – hence the post!)

Side note: Emily returned from the ice cream outing pretty much dripping in ice cream that she had managed to smear literally everywhere. So, so sticky – and I suspect that the lady cleaning up was not particularly impressed either!