A couple of Saturdays ago, Emily finally managed to find her way out of this gigantic Disney princess-themed jumping castle and join the rest of us to finish celebrating little Hannah’s fourth birthday with one of Michelle Ollewagen’s always fabulously setup kiddies parties at their house in the Zevenwacht Estate.

IMG_20150926_115613 emily in the jumping castle

However, all good things come to an end and after finishing up with the party and tearing the girls away, we took a drive along the scenic M12 (Polkadraai Road) in Stellenbosch, heading towards the Skilpadvlei wine farm in order to meet up with Chantelle’s folks for a cup of coffee (and hand over pans which Chantelle in any event forgot to bring with in the first place!).

IMG_20150926_165231 chantelle lotter with girls at skilpadvlei wine farm in stellenbosch

Although we haven’t been to Skilpadvlei in years, we had recently seen on Facebook someone commenting on the awesome big kids jungly gym that they had installed, and were thus eager to go and check it out.

IMG_20150926_163631 emily on the see saw at skilpadvlei wine farm in stellenbosch

Pleasingly, social media wasn’t lying this time around. Skilpadvlei have gone and created a fantastic kids space which lets the kids run around and enjoy themselves (with a small ball pit pen for the tinier tykes), leaving us older bunch to sit around and indulge in some great coffee without too many distractions.

IMG_20150926_163838 jessica on the jungle gym at skilpadvlei wine farm in stellenbosch

In other words, I suspect that the Lotters will be popping in there more than just a few times over the upcoming Summer weekends! :)

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