The dreaded nappy bin. There is a permanent odour surrounding this hunk of white plastic with its clever weighted swivel top that allows you to disappear nappies with a simple lift of a handle, an odour that lingers, not strong at all but just… there.

Of course, once a week this bin needs to be emptied, and it is once you crack open the lid to remove the nappy-containing bag from the bin that the true horror of that stench hits you in full.

In fact, it is one of those horrors that is bad enough that you’re quite willing to stub a toe or pull a sickie to avoid nappy bin emptying duty in the first place! (Or convince your firstborn that it is without a doubt their job to do if they want any sort of whiff of pocket money that week!)

Enter the air freshener.

ambi pur air freshener next to nappies

Already quite at home in the bathroom – where surveys usually indicate the stinkiest smells originate from, correlating exactly where the most air freshener is usually deployed – it stands to reason then that the nappy bin would be a natural extension of this use case.

Which is exactly then where Ambi Pur, the air freshener from Procter and Gamble, comes into play. Given that it has been formulated to rather try and remove odour particles as opposed to simply mask them with a stronger scent, Ambi Pur does a bang on job to make that nappy bin a little lot more manageable.

Not that this is completely a surprise of course. After all, Ambi Pur has been bringing enjoyable fragrances into homes since 1958 and certainly has a number of relatively recent firsts under its belt: They were the first brand of plug-in air fresheners, launching single perfume devices in 1992 and the highly successful 3volution in 2006. 1997 saw their scientists come up with the first liquid rim block toilet freshener, and in 2000 they made history by being the first to bring out liquid car fresheners!

So odour neutralization is definitely within their playbook, and if you look up on their website, they don’t seem to mind giving you a quick run through on some of the very special inputs in play to achieve this:

  1. Cyclodextrin: A ring shaped, doughnut of a molecule, cyclodextrin gives odour molecules a “hug” so tight that the odor gets stuck in the center ring, essentially cancelling out the offensive stinky molecule.
  2. Odour Converters: A trick borrowed from citrus fruits, these compounds combine with odour molecules to form water on contact.
  3. Buffers: sweaty odours occur when pH levels are high. Buffers essentially interact with these high pH molecules, lowering their odour volume in the process.
  4. duo-PSB: A corkscrew shape that is particularly adept at penetrating fabrics and in the process trapping stubborn odours, whilst at the same time releasing generally pleasing scents.

In other words, with all that packing a punch, at long last I no longer have the older kids (lots of little girls in our complex!) coming into Emily’s room, only to run straight out whilst pinching their noses and moaning about the smell!

#SmellyToSmiley indeed! :)