Having just enjoyed the panoramic views of Tokyo via the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building, we next marched off through a very busy Shinjuku (lunch time foot traffic) in search of food and electronics, grabbing the former from a most unexpected source: Burger King.

IMG_20141003_122415 ryan lotter and terrance brown eat burger king black burgers

Seeing as Halloween is amazingly quite commercially popular in Japan, Burger King decided to release a black burger as part of the festivities that year. (I see it must have been a success, because this year they’ve brought it out to the rest of the world as well!)

Black buns, black cheese, black tomato sauce – well, you get the picture. Terrance and Ryan couldn’t wait to sink their teeth into these squid ink and bamboo charcoal coloured whoppers, whilst I on the other hand played it safe and went for the boring standard Burger King fare – which to be fair was still a first for me seeing as I hadn’t yet tasted the stuff back home either!

If I remember correctly, they kind of liked it, but what I can’t remember is whether or not it subsequently turned their poo green – as social media will have you believe this year’s batch in the States is currently doing.


IMG_20141003_121624 lunch time streets in shinjuku tokyo japan

Next it was electronics hunting, and Terrance introduced us to the marvel that is Yodobashi, a literally ginormous electronics store that has floor upon floor of pretty much anything and everything electronic that you can think of.

And of course, this being Japan, there is an overkill of Otaku stuff to be seen/had as well! (But all I bought was a spare battery for my camera. Figures. I finally get to Japan only to discover that I’ve completely outgrown my otaku phase.)

IMG_20141003_141726 saying good by to terrance in toky at the bus station

After a fair bit of walking around Shinjuku, we ended up taking a bit of a break on the top of Keio Mall (aka Keio Sky Garden).

There we caught our breath, rested our feet, and started the prepping that came with the fact that Terrance was about to leave us and go back to Komagane, meaning Ryan and I were about to embark on a trip in a foreign country that doesn’t speak any English with no support other than Google Maps and the data dongle we had organised for the trip.

Not that we were worried mind you. By now Ryan had the trains more or less figured out, Google Maps was proving to be awesome thanks to the excellent signal coverage we were getting, and we had more than enough Yen in our pockets to make for an enjoyable (albeit very unplanned) trip! :)