I’ve mentioned a couple of times now just how many kids parties we have during the October/November period, and to be honest, I’ve kind of lost count.

Let’s just put it this way – last weekend we had three parties spread over two days!

IMG_20151101_090612 exhausted emily asleep on the couch with woofie and teddy

Sounds exhausting right?

Saturday morning saw us all go to Cheeky Monkey, a restaurant/pub and play park situated right next to Monkey Town, for Jessica’s playschool friend Isabel’s birthday party.

IMG_20151031_112356 isabel's party at cheeky monkey in somerset west

I have to say, it’s been some time since we’d last visited Cheeky Monkey, and pleasingly they’ve made what had been a slightly run down play area into a much more inviting and enjoyable outside environment.

IMG_20151031_111002 emily playing at cheeky monkey in somerset west

And whilst the kids didn’t don their costumes and play in the waterslide, they had more than enough fun tearing about the massive play area!

From there we made the trip through to Kraaifontein for Logan’s super hero-themed birthday party at Michelle and Damen’s house.

12196103_10156248882840584_3344370583226755576_n decorating cookies at logan's birthday party in kraaifontein

The kids had a ball playing together (they’re reaching a really nice age now), and decorating the cookie men was a massive hit.

However, I suspect what really stole the show for the kids was when Damen emerged in his raincoat, ready to be pelted by energetically flung water balloons and water guns!

10989443_10156248887925584_7092249004331227679_n water gun fun at logan's birthday party in kraaifontein

(Even Emily seemed to enjoy herself, though every now and then she would take some time out from all the chaos and just… chill)

(Mind you, on the note of Logan’s birthday parties – I don’t think that I ever mentioned what we did for Logan’s fourth birthday party in 2014. Held on a small party farmyard setup, last year Damen, Evan and I found ourselves catching a sheep for the entertainment of everybody. Poor thing must have gotten the fright of its life when I reached down and bear hugged it to claim the catch!)

10433895_10154788582920584_3261558508940916232_n craig catching a sheep in 2014 at logan's birthday party

(Hint: we weren’t particularly entertaining as sheep catchers, which makes sense when you consider that none of us were raised on a farm!)

Anyway, back on track. Sunday finished off with a big Frozen-themed birthday party for Jessica’s playschool friend Lisa.

Sadly this time around though, the weather didn’t quite play along, meaning that the children had to longingly look at Mondeor Restaurant’s outside play area from behind the plastic curtains.

Still, they quickly recovered and overwhelmed the sand art station instead! :)