Chantelle and I were quite looking forward to spending a night at the 12 Apostles hotel in Cape Town as a gift to ourselves for our wedding anniversary/birthday celebrations, but of course, that damn thing known as adult responsibilities kind of stepped in the way of that.

IMG_20150117_110100 2007 hyundai accent being opened by my little ponies

During the week, a quick trip to Pick ‘n Pay turned into a fun spectacle for Chantelle when after parking, she found that she was unable to unlock the driver’s door on our Hyundai Accent. This of course meant that for the rest of the day, the only option for exiting and entering the car would of course be coming in through the passenger door, gingerly levering one’s self over the gear knob, and then sliding into the driver’s seat.

And considering that we’re not exactly the lightest people around, this in itself is quite a spectacle for amused onlookers.

Naturally, because this also meant that we couldn’t set the alarm on the car, this needed to get fixed ASAP, so a quick trip to Hyundai Helderberg had them diagnosing the problem and placing an order for a new car door lock actuator for our 2007 Accent. (Yes, I could save money, buy the part and do it myself, but hey, I’m not THAT into DIY thank you very much).

Anyway, one day and R2,304 later, we can now enter and exit the Accent like normal adults.

A small price to pay to in order to save the gear knob any further potentially traumatic experiences…