Chantelle and I took a mid-week break last week and headed out towards Caledon Hotel & Spa to take advantage of their long running Real Deal promotion. Chantelle decided very much that she’d like to stop for breakfast on the way, and as such settled on stopping at the recently opened Fred & Max Eatery in Elgin, based purely on how awesome this hip little eatery’s spot in Somerset West is. (Seriously, we’ve eaten there before and it’s impossible not to like!)

IMG_20151105_094155 at fred & max eatery in elgin

The Elgin branch of this great little establishment is situated at the Elgin train station, meaning that if you want to, you can sit outside, right next to the train tracks and enjoy the beautiful tranquility of Elgin and its surrounds.

IMG_20151105_091152 craig lotter at fred & max eatery in elgin

Sadly for us though, Chantelle probably should have done her homework first, because on arrival, after taking our seats, we discovered that Fred & Max don’t actually serve breakfast!

(No wonder the staff seemed a little confused by having such early visitors to their premises!)

IMG_20151105_092345 hot chocolate and carrot cake at fred & max eatery in elgin

Feeling a little silly, and seeing as we were already seated, we decided to have something warm to drink anyway.

(For the record, their hot chocolate is fantastic – as is their carrot cake, which Chantelle simply could not resist giving a try!)

IMG_20151105_094140 craig lotter with chantelle at fred & max eatery in elgin

So in summary, great for a lunch or supper stop, but skip if you want an actual breakfast! :)

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