Not that we go there often mind you, but if we do, we don’t usually take the girls with us to Panarottis in Somerset Mall. However, one time we did actually treat Jessica to some pizza at Panarottis, and it was rather nice to discover their ‘Dough-it-Yourself’ gimmick which gives the kids an opportunity to make their very own Panarottis pizza.

IMG_20150518_185212 jessica making pizza with panarottis dough-it-yourself tray

Basically, a specially shaped plastic tray is brought to the table, with dough, cheese, sauce, ham, etc., from which the kid then literally builds their own pizza. When their masterpiece is ready, it gets whipped off to the oven and baked, resulting in quite a lot of satisfaction in the little one on its return to the table!

So a pretty cool idea all in all then.

(Oh, and a completely separate note, it turns out that the girls are rather fond of spaghetti as well. Not that I’m going to be letting them make their own anytime soon – just them eating it is messy enough!)

IMG_20150729_181055 jessica and emily baby eating spaghetti