One of the best extramural activities that we ever enrolled Jessica into at Vergeet-My-Nie playschool has to be without a shadow of a doubt Playball.

IMG_20151119_173141 playball signage

Established in 1986 (and offered in numerous countries), Playball is essentially a sports coaching system for children between the ages of 2-8.

The primary objectives are to improve basic movement and sports-related skills, but at the same time to also develop kids’ cognitive abilities and group social skills.

Each age group has a specific programme which is adhered to, and with this evening’s certificate ceremony done and dusted, Jessica has now progressed through two of these levels during her time at Vergeet-My-Nie.

(Next year she is off to Gordon’s Bay Primary, which is of course a whole new kettle of fish!)

IMG_20151119_173805 jessica balancing on playball kids obstacle course

In terms of the programmes that she’s now done:

Ages 3+ Programme: This program covers the following basic areas and provides a sound foundation for the next age group.

1. Introduction to basic ball skills.
2. Development of student’s enjoyment for sport.
3. Confidence to participate in sporting activities.
4. Social integration with other students.
5. Development of concentration.

The emphasis is on having fun and playing games with a ball so that the child’s first introduction to sport is a happy and positive one.

Ages 4+ Programme: This program covers the sections listed below and provides students with a solid grounding and a basic competence in ball skills. The children are exposed to a wide variety of different skills in each lesson. It is in this stage that they have the opportunity to practice the skills more rigorously developing competence.

1. Development of a wide variety of ball skills.
2. Emphasis on individual participation.
3. Overcoming the fears that dis-encourage sports participation.
4. Introduction to organized ball skill activities.

IMG_20151119_182640 chantelle and jessica lotter

Already behind in terms of physical prowess thanks to her prematurity, Jessica has benefitted immensely from this very structured programme of play, and I am thoroughly impressed at just how much her motor skills have improved thanks to all the hard work from the great Playball team.

In other words, if you have the opportunity then I would definitely recommend enrolling your kids into something like this! :)

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