I really, really like Rdio. So much so that I’m a paid user of their streaming music service. They have a fantastic user interfaces, their related music algorithms are fantastic, their audio quality is great, their music selection phenomenal, and best of all – they are available in South Africa and list South African music and artists!

rdio kaleidoscope

But sadly, they are no more. Damn Pandora has gone and swallowed them up, meaning that Rdio is now displaying this message for all it’s paid users:

“Thank you for your support of Rdio over the years. You helped make Rdio not only a place to listen and discover, but also a community of dedicated music lovers. We’ve enjoyed working on Rdio as much as you’ve enjoyed using it. It’s been an honor serving you.

As a result of Pandora’s planned acquisition of Rdio, the Rdio service will be winding down in the coming weeks.

Effective Monday, November 23, if you currently have an Rdio subscription, it will be canceled on your next billing date, and you will no longer be automatically charged. Rest assured that your subscription will remain active for any period of time you’ve already been billed. Also starting November 23, Rdio will no longer take new subscriptions.

After your subscription ends, you can continue listening to Rdio Free (ad-supported stations on mobile or ad-supported, on-demand songs, albums, and playlists on the web) until the service goes offline.

We’ll be in touch via email in the near future with more specifics, including the exact timing of Rdio’s end of service, as well as information on exporting your Rdio data, including your playlists and favorites.

We’re honored to have connected so many listeners around the world with the music they love. Our goal is to make this transition as smooth as possible. If you have any questions or concerns, go to help.rdio.com.”

What makes me the most angry though is that Pandora IS NOT FUCKING AVAILABLE IN SOUTH AFRICA.

Oh, I know. I’ll just try the other big music streaming service of the world, Spotify.


We are in 2015. Geo-blocking is idiotic.

End rant.