Oh dear. I did the same with our room at the Super Hotel Yokohama – I completely neglected to really take any photos of our accommodation in Kyoto, namely the relatively cheap Econo-Inn!

IMG_20141005_165210 ryan lotter and the kyoto econo-inn beds

Terrance’s fiance Yuko had arranged all of our accommodation for us using the supplied parameters that a) they needed to not be too expensive, b) they should be 3 stars at least, i.e. we’re not students sleeping in backpacker accommodation conditions, and c) they should have western style beds if possible.

(Neither Ryan nor I cherished the idea of sleeping on the floor on a traditional tatami mat. )

IMG_20141005_180834 ryan lotter in the econo-inn dressing gown

While the Super Yokohama Hotel had been the most (relatively) expensive, it also came with the newest furnishings and best facilities – however, it was also decidedly cramped (as are most places in the big cities), taking away some of the enjoyment of having our base camp there. (Still, it was super central and thus exactly what we were looking for!)

Econo-Inn on the other hand was a little older, without all the super facilities that we had enjoyed on our first stop, but more than comfortable enough to make for a good base camp. It supported a little English, was more spacious than the Yokohama option, and despite the more dated furnishings, made a great temporary home for the two of us.

IMG_20141005_192525 sunatory beer in kyoto

With the hotel situated relatively near a train station, it meant that we could easily head out on our travels during the day, while at night, its closeness to major shopping and entertainment districts meant that Ryan and I could enjoy busy evenings out, wandering the streets and marveling at the bustling throngs of Japanese business people out and about, enjoying life when most South Africans would already be fast asleep in bed!

(Also, it was pretty close to a karate dojo – literally the only one I saw in the entire two weeks that I was in Japan!)

So, if you are a foreigner and find yourself in Kyoto with a small budget, then Econo-Inn may very well be a pretty good option for you.

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