Having enjoyed a scenic stroll along the streets of central Nagoya (while we were waiting for our bus transfer), we eventually reached Hisaya Odori Park where the object of our mission resides – Nagoya TV Tower.

IMG_20141008_111835 outside the nagoya tv tower, nagoya japan

Nagoya TV Tower is the oldest TV tower in Japan, completed in 1954 (and bearing quite the resemblance to the Eiffel Tower!). The tower is 180 metres high, and has two main observation decks at the heights of 90 metres (the indoor Sky Deck) and 100 metres (the outdoor Sky Balcony).

The tower also includes a restaurant and gallery at 30 metres.

DSC07800 inside the nagoya tv tower, nagoya japan

(Neat fact: Nagoya TV Tower keeps getting destroyed in Godzilla movies. In 1964 Mothra vs. Godzilla, Godzilla beat Mothra with it, whilst in the 1992 remake, Battra took down the tower during its attack on Nagoya!)

DSC07802 aerial view of nagoya, japan, from the nagoya tv tower

Although obviously not nearly as high as some of the other observation decks we had already visited whilst in Japan (e.g. Tokyo Tower, Landmark Tower, Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building, and Kyoto Tower), we still got some pretty awesome views of this pretty city – and the outdoor viewing deck was an particularly enjoyable (refreshing) experience.

IMG_20141008_113911 ryan lotter inside the nagoya tv tower, nagoya japan

As it turns out, Nagoya TV Tower also happens to be quite a popular spot for weddings and wedding photos, hence the Promise Heart:

DSC07798 promise heart inside the nagoya tv tower, nagoya japan

So, with our impromptu sight seeing trip now complete, we grabbed some refreshments from a vending machine and hit the road back towards the Meitetsu Bus Center to catch our ride…

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