So that’s bitterly disappointing. Since Sunday evening I’ve been struggling with a painful ‘knot’ in my left calf muscle, putting me in a lot of discomfort and making moving about even more difficult than what it already is.

I had a session with my physio (Carolise Botha) on Monday afternoon, and before we could get started on the knee stuff, she had a go at working out the knot (which was of course, super, super painful!! Chantelle had to bite her lip to stop laughing at my gritted teeth antics!), but sadly this proved a temporary measure because by the evening it was back again.

Chantelle’s organised medicine from the pharmacy, I’ve rested it on warm water bottles, I’ve stretched it out, I’ve slathered it with Deep Heat – no luck, it just doesn’t want to go away which means then I guess I need to wait it out.

I’m disappointed because chances were pretty high that I was going to start driving again this week – something I was so confident in that I even went ahead and made plans to go into work of all things! However, a drive around the complex last night with Chantelle quickly told me that with my current calf in spasms, driving a manual gear car is not going to happen any time soon.

It’s depressing.

Sigh, you have no idea of just how tired I am of this view, day in and day out…

IMG_20160127_091404 view from my chair