Chantelle spoiled the two girls with a rather fun surprise the other day – she ordered two Yookidoo Flow ‘n Fill Spout baby bath toys from Takealot (two, because sharing is not a concept often understood by small children!).

yookidoo flow n fill spout bath toy

The Flow ‘n Fill Spout is a battery operated spout that essentially pumps water in an endless stream without wasting water from the bath tap. It is as cute as a button and comes with 3 interchangeable, stackable bath cups, each with different water straining and spraying effects.

As you might well imagine, Emily is absolutely over the moon with hers (she is two after all!), and surprisingly enough, Jessica is quite fascinated with hers as well.

In other words, Chantelle’s masterstroke has bought us a few more of those precious and rare moments of peace and quiet in the daily hustle that is the evening bath and bed routine! :)

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