Towards the end of last year Chantelle and I discovered this awesome hidden little resaurant (and bar) tucked away just off Beach Road in Strand. Belgian-influenced Chick & Chic is known for its chicken prepared on its rotisserie-grill, though to be honest, everything else on the menu is just as good – in terms of freshness, presentation and that all important metric of flavour!

chick and chic rotisserie and garden venue restaurant and bar

They have a mixture of seating available, the indoor section tucked away in an interesting old house complete with historical artwork and prints which really makes for some good convesation-driven dining.

IMG_20151124_133841 craig lotter eating at chick and chic restaurant in strand

My favourite however is the outside garden eating area, which is fresh, tranquil, and completely sheltered from Strand’s infamous winds! There is again, an interesting, historically outfitted bar lurking off to your side (in the house’s old barn), while a small kiddies jungle gym is tucked away in a back corner, meaning that this venue can then cater for both old and young alike.

IMG_20151124_133730 chantelle lotter eating at chick and chic restaurant in strand

Definitely a hidden gem (seriously, blink and you will walk past it!) when it comes to dining out in the Helderberg basin!

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