Great. Just great. I’m leaving with Chantelle and the girls for Mossel Bay this afternoon, for a well deserved weekend away with my folks at Pinnacle Point.

So naturally, not content with having me still limping around on crutches, Life has organised for me to wake up yesterday with a massive swollen gland behind my left ear, leaving me looking a bit like a squirrel who has taken on a particularly large nut for winter storage.

bearded man with a mumps face 1

Chantelle made me go to the doctor yesterday to have it checked out, so after a little Google-fu, she made an appointment with Dr. Chris Jooste here in Gordon’s Bay (believe it or not, 5 years of living in Gordon’s Bay and we still don’t actually have a family doctor), who I then dutifully went to see in the afternoon.

On first look, based on the swollen glands, Dr. Jooste said it looks very much like mumps to him, but to cover all the bases, we basically narrowed it down to four possibilities.

  1. Mumps. Viral infection, can’t do much other than wait it out.
  2. Other Viral infection. Can’t do much other than wait it out either.
  3. Blockage. Unlikely, given the lack of puss, but easy enough to solve by drinking some lemon juice and getting the muscles to contract and thus force the blockage out.
  4. Bacterial infection. Possible, so to be safe, do a broad spectrum anti-bacterial course.

Anyway, I woke up the morning with the swelling even bigger than before – so much so that Jessica is joking that I don’t even look like her real dad any more!

According to the Internet, I shouldn’t be contagious any more, so I can still go away for the weekend, but I have to say, I’m not particularly loving this latest look of mine!

(Believe it or not, yesterday I actually looked a little better – probably because at that stage the swelling was only on the one side!)

bearded man with a mumps face 2