One of the few advantages that arose out of not being able to properly walk for a very long time was the fact that I had an excuse not to mow my lawn myself, with the end result being a lawn that was quite long and lush – until the dry summer properly stepped in of course!

Mind you, it’s back to being long and lush now though… Exhibit A:

IMG_20160211_103633 lawnmower behind very long grass in gordon's bay

In the past I have used garden services to do my grass cutting for me, but stopped doing that once it seemed that using them was introducing more weeds into my lawn than normal.

I used to also use the complex’s gardener to every now and then step in, but the two of us always had difficulty in understanding one another (language barrier), so eventually I gave up on that idea too.

Chantelle did it once (maybe twice) during this my ‘disabled’ period (and did a fine job of it too mind you), but sadly, now that I’m back on my feet, it’s time for me to take over the lawnmower’s reigns once more.


I’m really not fond of cutting the grass.