A few sights from Kiev guaranteed to leave you with your mouth wide-open! (Guest post courtesy of Sandra J. Hayward)

1) The landscape alley

This place is the one where you will get back to your childhood. Alice in the Wonderland, Slavic folk fairy tales, and much more ideas and characters that are used in this secret corner of the old city. This place is in the heart of the city with its finished sculptures of the two angels sitting on the pillows, the Tigers, that can fly, Alice from “Alice in the Wonderland”, the fountain and even more! The French center “presented” the sculpture “The Little Prince”.

The landscape alley is one of the favorite holiday destinations of Kiev people and of tourists as well. It offers a magnificent panorama of the ancient Podol.

This territory belongs to the historical and cultural reserve “Ancient Kiev” which is under the patronage of UNESCO. Because of this, this architectural splendor has a cultural, historical and archaeological value. You will be completely fascinated!

landscape alley kiev

2) Mystetskyi Arsenal

If you are fond of the art in all of its aspects you are definitely destined to visit Mystetskyi Arsenal! This museum complex is planned as the largest museum and exhibition place in Kiev and Ukraine. It is situated in the building of Old Arsenal which is a distinguished monument of history and fortification of the late XVIII – early XIX centuries. Officially opened August 23, 2009, now the Arsenal holds regular exhibitions of various content objects that are exhibited from all museums in Ukraine, organizes various art fairs, book festivals and more!

Mystetskyi Arsenal kiev

3) Feofania Park

Feofania is the park that represents a landscape art. It is one of the most beautiful places in Kiev (in the southern part of the capital of Ukraine). On its territory there are the park with unique plants, lakes complex, alpine slides, beautiful alley, the Temple of St.Panteleimon, and even healing holy spring.

The park obtains professional architects on landscape design, so every year this place gets better and more beautiful. You may have a picnic there or just a nice and calm walk.

Feofania Park kiev

4) Take an unforgettable boat tour along the Dnieper river

This is one of the most popular forms of recreation. The history of the boat trips began long before the revolution of 1917 and has not lost its relevance up to this day.

Every year the river routes acquire new species and landscapes. A lot of companies will offer you comfortable river boats for a tour along the Dnieper that will take you to the island “Velikyi” or the Kiev reservoir. Have fun and breathe deeper with a fresh river air.

dnieper river kiev

5) Water park in the mall “Dream Town”

Summer may last all the year round. The water park is a clear confirmation of the above-mentioned. For a small amount of money at any time of the year, you can not just plunge into the cool water, but also return back to your childhood. Indeed, where else as not in the water park, you get the opportunity to ride a water slide, raising clouds of spray and squealing happily? Here you get the feeling of total happiness.

This is the largest indoor water park in Ukraine and one of the largest in Europe. One of the undoubted advantages of this place is its accessibility. The waterpark is located in Obolon district, between metro stations “Minska” and “Geroiv Dnipra” Here you can enjoy the extreme water slides, pools, hot tub, various attractions like spas, bars, and restaurants.

water park kiev

Indulge yourself in the world of Kiev culture and pastime!

Guest Post by: Sandra J. Hayward is a Miami Dade college MBA graduate that is interested in academic research and writing but does not want to depend on the rigorous schedule. That is why she has been collaborating with http://edubirdie.com/ for a long time as a freelance writer and enjoys her flextime a lot.