So a little while ago a box full of Willards Chilli Cheese Curls rocked up at my door. Unexpectedly, another box just rocked up at my door, this time containing their newly released Cheese & Onion flavour Cheese Curls.

(Disclaimer, the bright yellow box also contained a packet of the regular cheese curls and the limited edition chilli cheese curls. All three were almost immediately polished off by the Gordon’s Bay Lotter clan.)

The guys at Willards are so happy with the new flavour release, that they even commissioned and crafted a song to go with it: Gonna Make You Smile from the talented local band that is HOVnBAE.

HovnBae band, working with willards cheese curls

The song in question, which is intended to invoke happy thoughts, make you feel proudly South African, and no doubt make you think of Cheese Curls at the same time, sounds like this:

If you want, you can grab the full song here, or the ringtone here.

Interestingly enough though, my girls didn’t really like the new flavour at all (they much prefer the original), while I thought it okay at best. Give me their limited edition Chilli Cheese Curl flavour any day! Still, for those of you out there who prefer more ‘adult’ flavours, then I guess the new Cheese & Onion version won’t disappoint.

Cheese Curls puff chips flavour range

What I did however like the most from this particular blogger drop was this cleverly designed Cheese Curl shaped USB thumb drive (containing the press release info) that was hiding under the chips at the bottom of the box…

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