Peanuts do not grow on trees. In fact, peanut pods develop under the ground, which is relatively unusual when it comes to crop plants. This nutritious little snack is in fact not a nut but a legume, and is apparently a relatively easy to grow plant that tends to be great for the soil thanks the symbiotic nitrogen-fixing bacteria that hang about the root nodules.

hand holding peanut plant

I’ve rooted around and dug up three nice YouTube videos that tells us a bit more about how peanuts are grown, as well as the interesting way in which they get mechanically harvested these days.

First up is Maddie Moate, a British Television Presenter, Writer and YouTube “Edutainer”:

Next up is a video by Pilgrim Prepper, who shows us a peanut plant crop, as well as a quick introduction to the harvesting process:

Finally, we have a video from msfirefighter662, showing us how a peanut crop is mechanically harvested and giving a good explanation of all the machinery used in the process. Interesting fact, peanuts are quite a big crop in the USA, with a lot of them being grown in the Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, and South Carolina areas:

Kind of makes me want to plant peanuts in my garden (read soil patch) now.

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