Are you too busy to cook, tired of unhealthy takeaways or jaded by your limited dinner time cooking skills? Enter The Flying Pan, a healthy and convenient dinner time solution based in Cape Town that delivers chef prepared meals to your door.

In essence The Flying Pan is a dinner delivery service, but what sets it apart is its dedication to healthy, and delicious tasting food. Meals are prepared fresh in the morning of delivery, and then delivered throughout Cape Town’s CBD and the Southern Suburbs. It offers an alternative dinner time solution and provides all the benefits of home cooked meals, without the fuss. Their tagline, Rethink Dinner encourages people to break the hard wired habit of shopping, chopping, cooking and cleaning, and to consider dinner alternatives that work with modern, busy lifestyles.

the flying pan meals - penne and curry


The Flying Pan understands that in the modern world, convenience is King, and as a result not only focuses on serving great food, but also on making the service as simple and convenient as possible. As such, The Flying Pan has embraced a simple-to-use online ordering system. Customers can order and pay for their food online (using multiple payment methods such as Credit Cards and SnapScan), and get dinner delivered the very next day. Plans are on the way to develop an online food delivery app, to make ordering a healthy dinner as easy as a tap or a swipe. The Flying Pan also gives customers total flexibility in meals ordered (no minimum order, no subscriptions), unlike some of their competitors.


To suit different lifestyles, The Flying Pan has three different menus. The classic menu caters for everyday requirements, while the vegetarian menu offers a delicious selection of plant based meals. The low carb menu follows certain banting principles, and is suited to those looking to reduce their carb intake. The menus feature dishes from various cuisines, including crowd pleasing pastas, fragrant Thai dishes, South African favourites, and spicy Indian curries. Furthermore, menus are rotated so that customers will never get bored of dinner time.


In addition, The Flying Pan also offers a cutomised corporate and wedding catering service in the larger Cape Town area. Compared to other catering companies, The Flying Pan creates unique menus based on customer briefs, ensuring that a unique food experience is provided every time.

the flying pan meals - chicken

For more information of The Flying Pan’s food delivery and catering service, visit their website.

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