Amazing timing for Apple, am I right? As we are approaching the 16th of September, I just had to mention what’s going on in the news. Apple certainly struck it lucky in terms of the timing of their iPhone 7 and 7 plus devices hitting the shelves!


After all, it’s only been a short while since they revealed their wireless Airpods which got absolutely ridiculed. OK, fair enough, absolutely ridiculed might be exaggerating a little too much, but having gone on for about 5 months talking about how brave it is to go wireless across the board with their new phones, the very first, perfect, accessory that Apple offers for these wireless headphones are… wires! You really can’t make this stuff up.

Nevertheless, you have to give it to them. They have great timing.

Around the same time as when the first Airpod news starts spreading, Samsung had a serious exploding battery issue and needed to recall about 2.5 million waterproof high-end Galaxy Note 7 devices from about 10 countries – and are now dealing with the fallout of this across the board.

Seriously though, the iPhone 7 really does look to provide some serious upgrades on the already well performing iPhone 6/6s. If you are a fan of the 6s, moving up to the 7 is going to be a smooth transition as it basically is the “case of ‘fast’ versus ‘stupidly fast’” marking the difference between them. The Apple A10 Fusion chipset really is taking it to the next level in terms of performance and usability.

True, speed isn’t everything, but the side-effects of the increased speed are actually increased longevity and an overall positive shift in user interface with the device. You don’t have to go far back in time to find smartphones that had really clunky interfaces and performance so bad that one could barely play… Angry Birds, for example. These upgrades should really allow for the gamers out there to hit the sweet spot!

So yes, thanks to Samsung’s blunder, Apple’s timing worked out just right!