I’ve already posted about Vredenbosch, this gem of a kid friendly find that I made with the girls the other day, but what I didn’t get around to was posting any photos of the very fun “flying fox” style foofy (foefie) slide (also known as a zip-line for any non South Africans reading this) that you can find on the obstacle course/animal grazing grounds in front of the restaurant.


Obviously Jessica wanted a ride on it at first sight (which surprisingly went very well), and after seeing her sister having all the fun, obviously Emily also wanted in on the action too.


Amazingly, this also went rather well (though with her I stuck close by!).

The girls probably had me pulling and pushing them along the line for at least an hour, and had an absolute blast of a time in the process.


Even the free roaming alpacas came in for a closer look! (Much to little Emily’s horror of course!)

A highly recommended outing if you have kids with a lot of energy and in need of a LOT of space to run around and play in!

Here’s a handy map in case your kids bug you to take them there for some fun:

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