Probably, the toughest part of every first date is the moment when you should say goodbye. Romantic dates should end with kissing, right? But what if she doesn’t feel like it and your kiss will just scare her off? Or what if she does feel like it but you fail to notice? Before you go for a kiss you should quickly analyze your date and decide whether there was a connection between you two. If you think that you managed to get her interested in you and melt her heart, have a closer look at her by paying attention to small details. Russian Brides Dating Site has prepared the list of subtle signs signaling your woman might want you to kiss her.

Couple kissing

Communication. First of all, review your date and gauge the level of her interest in you and your conversation. If a girl doesn’t initiate topics and seems rather indifferent, it means she is not that interested in you and consequently in a kiss. What’s the solution? Just say goodbye without kissing her. But if she seems to be having a great time with you, she expects a goodnight kiss.

Touching. Watch your date’s reaction when you touch her accidentally or on purpose. If she doesn’t take her hand away or doesn’t step back from you, she likes it. This is the sign that she will not push you away when you lean in to kiss her. If she tries to keep a safe distance between you during the date, it’s better to end your first date without kissing.
Eye contact. Now, let’s get to the part where you stand in front of each other at the end of your date. Pay attention to how she looks at you. If she maintains a steady eye contact, then suddenly shifts her gaze to your lips, and then looks you in the eyes again, she’s ready to be kissed.

Lips. Apart from looking at your lips, she’ll subconsciously start licking and biting hers as if preparing them for an upcoming kiss. This isn’t a surefire sign since she might lick her lips just out of nervousness. You should look for other signs to be sure she wants it.

Submissive looks. If a woman feels man’s superiority, it will make her behave in a girlish way. Her body language will communicate her inner state: she’ll lower her eyes and then look up at you in a charming or flirtatious way. It means that she likes you and she is ready to surrender in your arms.

Primping. Another sign that your date is ready for a kiss is her attempts to appear more attractive to you. For this, she will adjust her hair, primp her clothes, or play with her accessory to get your attention. She may also touch her face and even apply some lipstick in front of you.

Distance. One of the best ways to understand whether a woman doesn’t mind kissing is to test the waters first. People have their personal zones where they let only those people who they are comfortable with. Kissing means penetrating all zones and becoming intimately close. To know that she is ready for such closeness, just move forward to her. If she doesn’t step back, she’s OK with that proximity. Then, step back and watch her reaction: if she makes a step forward, she’s romantically drawn to you. Lean in and go for a kiss.