As they say, keeping your kitchen organized is one of the ways you can have a simple and easy life. But why do many people allow their kitchen to be filled with clutter, filthy surfaces, and unwashed tea towels? If you want to turn things around and make your kitchen better, why not try out these following tips:

Tip #1 – Clear your kitchen cabinets and rearrange the content.

Take all the contents of your kitchen cabinets and check what the items you have there. Eliminate the stuff that are not useful, especially all the broken items you have there. When you empty your cabinets, create separate groups on the floor to make it easier for you to put similar items back in the cabinets.

Tip #2 – Put similar things together.

After emptying your storage areas, the next step is to group items that are alike. Put together your baking tools, your tea towels, and others. You can also group the dishes you use regularly, and those that are used occasionally only.

Tip #3 – Store items in clear containers.

Small clear containers are perfect for organizing small items in your cabinets. For example, put your packets of sauces, gravy mixes, and other stuff in individual jars or containers. Doing this will make it easier to find the things you are looking for in your kitchen. For you collection of tea towels, you can have them in the same keeper.

Tip #4 – Put lids and containers together.

It is recommended that you just throw away your containers that don’t have lids. You want to keep only those containers that have lids with them.

Tip #5 – Make use of vertical space.

You may install hooks under your cabinets so you can hang your mugs on them above your countertop. You can also attach a rack where you can keep your Luxura tea towel or your wine glasses. This can surely help save you a lot of cabinet space.

Tip #6 – Have dividers in your drawers.

Drawer dividers are perfect if you want to organize your cooking tools. You always want to have enough space for your other items. But see to it that you do not put all your stuff in there so your drawers won’t look messy.

Tip #7 – Keep a tea towel on your countertop.

Every kitchen needs tea towels. These towels are very useful in so many ways. Luxura cotton tea towels are also available in a variety of colors and patterns, so you can choose what will make your kitchen more attractive.