A little while ago I got sent a pair of Hi-Tec Trail OX Chukka | WP boots to give them a bit of a run and see what they are all about. (The odd name becomes a little less odd when you realise that OX stands for crossover – i.e. intended for both casual and trail use, and that the WP stands for waterproof).


When I was younger (and believe it or not, extremely sporty), I used to swear by the Hi-Tec brand when it came to squash shoes which I used for both my badminton and squash court running about. Then I got into hiking, and it was a natural move to again favour the Hi-Tec brand in this particular realm.

Fast forward to today, and I am rather pleased to see them delving into the idea of making boots that are both practical and reasonably stylish as well.

The first thing that surprised me was just how light the shoes felt when I lifted them out of the box. Don’t get me wrong, these are not light as a feather shoes by any stretch of the imagination, but given their very rugged styling, they are in fact a lot lighter than what they look!


As expected, the padding and support from the boot is exceptionally good, whilst the Michelin branded rubber soles are firm and quite ‘grippy’. (Plus, this shoe is so damn comfortable in its fitting. I don’t know how they do it.)

The waterproofing seems to work surprisingly as well, as my socks are yet to get wet whilst wearing these shoes (a mind-boggling feat for my little girls as you might imagine!). That said though, the waterproofing does come at a price of the shoe not being ‘breathable’ in the slightest – so expect sweaty/clammy toes when removing these boots after a long day’s worth of walking!

I’ve genuinely fallen in love with these shoes, meaning that they have now become my defacto go to shoes whenever I need to wear jeans or any other long pants – even if it is for no more than a quick walk to the shopping mall!


(Oh, and naturally they perform quite brilliantly on the more rugged and natural stuff like gravel roads, river beds, vineyard fields, and grassy hills. As one would have expected them to I guess.)

Good shoes then these Hi-Tec OX Chukkas. #EverydayAdventure


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