A full year ago today, I was bound to a couch, my leg locked straight in a brace following a successful operation to repair my ruptured quadriceps tendon. It was a hot summer, everything was sweaty, and I couldn’t do anything other than sit in my chair and watch the world go by.

So despite the successful Santa surprise and gift unwrapping that came with Christmas Eve 2015 (once again we were joined by Ryan and both sets of our parents for the celebration – with Ryan and Dad taking over my role in our yearly Santa at the backdoor while the presents sneak in through the front orchestration), thanks to my rather depressing physical predicament, I didn’t exactly enjoy it to the fullest 100%.

Similarly, I didn’t fully get to enjoy the delightful Christmas 2015 lunch that we shared with Cheryl and Monty at the Holmes’ place in Cape Town either – all thanks to that blasted lack of mobility which had me feeling properly depressed for probably the first time in my life ever!

However, fast forward a year and things couldn’t be more different. I’ve enjoyed a fantastic year (no seriously, 2016 has been great), everyone is fit and healthy during the holidays thus far, and the girls have been an absolute joy during this first week of my nearly 3 week long vacation.

I finished wrapping all the presents at 01:00 last night (talk about leaving it to the last minute), with them now safely tucked away in Chantelle’s car boot, ready for their surprise appearance this evening.

In a couple of hours my mom and dad, Chantelle’s folks and Ryan will all arrive, Chantelle will get back from work, and we’ll sit down and enjoy a decadent homemade meal together. Then the girls will set out their banana muffins and milk for Father Christmas (hopefully they’ll still be awake – though I’ll be surprised if those super excited two aren’t!), before being led outside to spot a mysteriously vanished Santa in the sky whilst Christmas presents are magically spirited under the tree through the front.

Even better, tomorrow, we’ll do it all over again (well, not the Santa bit), when Robert and Tarryn join Monty and Cheryl at our place for an even bigger and more decadent Christmas 2015 lunch.

So yes, I’m very much looking forward to this Christmas 2016 now. After all, it’s already 100% more exciting than what last year’s edition was! ;)