I’m not overly fond of Appcelerator Studio. Using it on my old Fujitsu i5 Windows 10 laptop, it’s slow, it’s 32-bit (an unfair peeve, I know), it requires an Internet connection, and it crashes a lot. However, it is an IDE, it does offer me a console view, and most importantly, gives me a one click compile and run option for both Android and iOS app development – so for now I’ll stick with it.

A bug that has cropped up more than once for me is when all of a sudden I can’t login in to the IDE any more. Essentially the program keeps prompting me to login via a modal dialog box, disregarding both correct and incorrect login details. The only way to kill the app is then via the Task Manager, which as you can imagine, raises one’s blood pressure far above where it should normally be!

As it turns out, one of the profile security related files seems to corrupt every now and then, meaning that in order to fix this particular problem, you need to simply hunt down a file called secure_storage sitting under your profile’s org.eclipse.equinox.security entry and DELETE it.

On my Windows 10 install, this file can be found here:

C:\Users\Craig Lotter\.eclipse\org.eclipse.equinox.security\secure_storage

On a Linux machine you should probably be able to spot it somewhere here:


NOTE: Of course, before just deleting this file, you should probably try to see what is happening during the login process. To do this, fire up a command prompt and run

appc login -l trace

This should give you some better feedback as to what is going wrong in the first place. Like say, perhaps your subscription having expired etc.

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