These days I try to almost always use photos that I myself took when writing posts for this blog, and seeing as Instagram has very much become my social media network of choice over the last year or two, I essentially always have a picture on hand when I need it.

That said, grabbing a high quality image off of Instagram is much harder than what it should be, which is then exactly where the exceedingly useful DownloadGram steps in.

First, grab the Instagram post that you want to get the image from (easiest is to click on the share icon and select the Share URL/Copy Link option), next, fire up the DownloadGram website, paste the link into the first big textbox, and hit the “Download” button.

If DownloadGram successfully identifies the source of the image, it presents to you a big green “Download Image button”. Click on that and you have your better than low-res image.


Bonus: Another useful Instagram-related online tool is InstaDP, an Instagram profile viewer that lets you see the full-size image being used as an account’s profile picture, i.e. it grabs the source image for you to do whatever you want with! In addition to that, InstaDP also features tools to grab the source video for any Instagram video as well as the source images behind any Instagram post. Very nifty considering that Instagram doesn’t allow you to do this from the official site or app at all.

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