Netflix added a few game shows to its South African offering the other day, one of which did enough to pique our interest and then subsequently have Chantelle and myself happily make our way through all of the first seaon over the next couple of days.

Idiotest essentially pits two teams of two against one another as they strive to answer a series of brain teaser and puzzle questions. None of the questions are devilishly difficult and there is always only one answer to any screen – all you have to do is make sure that you figure out the trick before time (and the money meter) runs out.

The wonderfully sardonic Ben Gleib ably hosts the show and although the stakes aren’t particularly high (the big prize is $10,000) and essentially only the very last question screen is the one that decides who makes it to the final screen, the series is wonderful to watch with your partner as you battle it out to see who can a) get the answer the quickest or b) see who can figure it out at all.

It’s all a lot of brain scratching fun really. For example:

(The answer is the flowers in case you were wondering…)

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