Putt putt. Mini golf. Adventure golf. Whatever you call it, I always enjoy tackling this fun little distraction whenever the chance presents itself, and back in May I found myself wandering about Bellville sans wife and kids. So I called up my brother and asked if he wanted to meet up for some putt putt. Surprisingly he said yes.

The Tygervalley Golf Village has been around for quite a number of years now, part of Pro Range’s host of driving range setups, and features quite a few facilities on site, including the main golf driving range with target greens and pins, medium and fast paced putting greens, a chipping and pitching practice area, a bunker practice area, a pub, and even a fully fledged golf academy.

Oh, and the all important 27 hole adventure mini-golf course.

The lengthy, colour-coded putt putt courses have always been on the more challenging side of things, but seeing as we aren’t just kids having a swing any more, it makes for an enjoyable (sometimes frustrating) challenge. That said, the Golf Village’s age certainly isn’t doing it any favours, because disappointingly we found the facilities to be in pretty bad nick overall.

Nevertheless, despite the obvious need for some maintenance, care and probably a lick of paint, the mini golf itself is still a lot of fun and if I remember correctly, on the day I had a slightly better round than Ryan. I think.

You would have of course spotted that the last handful of pictures are of definitely not of the Golf Village. I had decided before the putt putt to first pull over and take some photos of the architecturally interesting Bellville Civic Centre (otherwise known as the Bellville Civic Theatre), a municipal building that was erected in 1959 and which features an auditorium, banqueting hall and conference room.

Naturally the venue has played host to numerous concerts and events over the years, and as such is very much a part of the Bellville (where I grew up) story.

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