Chantelle was eager for a spot of Sunday lunch out with me and the girls, and so we decided that what would really be nice would be to tuck into some delicious ribs while watching the small planes come and go outside at the Stellenbosch Flying Club. However, after arriving to a packed parking lot (never great sign in the time of Covid-19 anyway), we were turned away from the gate as the flying club was currently only serving members. Oh well, so new plan instead, we decided to give the seemingly diminutive but eye-catching Bluebird Cafe a little bit down and across the road a go instead.

I’m not entirely sure if the old (always seemingly slightly grotty) Mountain Breeze Farm Stall next to the Mountain Breeze Caravan Park is still operating, but regardless of this fact, the recently erected, double peaked, distinctive looking building that now hosts Bluebird Cafe has certainly taken over the space of the aforementioned farm stall, and despite its proximity to the busy R44 that endlessly shuttles cars between Somerset West and Stellenbosch, actually does make for a pretty nice space to enjoy an aromatic cup of coffee with a delicious baked treat in tow.

There are certainly a lot of interesting sounding dishes on Bluebird Cafe’s menu, but with the girls at our side we opted for the ever family friendly pizza option, settling down to a nice assortment of beer and milkshakes as the kids got down to the necessary scrambling about on the small jungle gym dominated kids play area.

Bright green lawn, farm fields and mountain views to the back, and great tasting food in front, the Bluebird Cafe certainly didn’t disappoint, and a nice and relaxing Sunday lunch outing was enjoyed by all.

Of course, we were seated outside on what turned out to be quite a beautiful day, but as you can see from the photos above, the simple interior of the eatery looks pretty inviting too!

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