Earlier I had the unenviable task of getting six of our car tyres replaced (because we are really, really bad at keeping up with having them rotated every now and then). Super expensive exercise yes, but not all that bothersome seeing as over the years we have found the guys manning Hi-Q Somerset West (@hiqswest) to be rather excellent in both their work and service. So the kids delivered to school and the cars now dropped off with the Hi-Q team, Chantelle and I next turned our attention to killing the wait time by waddling up the road to nearby Legacy Cafe (@legacycafe7), a great little coffee shop business that we are both rather fond of supporting whenever we find ourselves in the immediate area.

Given their location and resources, it was excellent to see that they had in fact managed to successfully navigate the peril-infested waters that has been this ongoing COVID pandemic, and with a big smile we sat down to some lovely coffee and a warm homely breakfast (with mine coming the in form of a most excellent bagel). It is quiet, a little hidden, manned by friendly people, has a feel good story, and serves lovely freshly ground coffee. What’s not to like?

So certainly an easy to recommend way of killing time while you wait on your tyres being replaced.

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