After a lovely morning spent out and about exploring in Hermanus with Jessica, Emily and their friend Cara, I decided to throw in a little surprise for the three of them on the way back to Gordon’s Bay by first popping into the lovely Benguela Cove wine estate for a round of Pirate-themed adventure golf, aka Jack Sparrow putt putt.

You know, I’ve never actually been for a tasting session or art wander at Benguela Cove before, which is a bit of a shame considering the fact that the estate produces all manner of olive oil, lavender and some really decent wine, but to be fair, wine tasting isn’t quite in my young travel companions’ wheelhouse just yet. But adventure golf? Now that most definitely is.

It’s certainly been a business savvy move from the estate, as there is always place for more family friendly entertainment in my opinion, and the relatively recent addition of both the Pirate Adventure Golf and Splash Park to the estate has definitely helped bring in more families to this relatively remote wine estate which lies on the edge of the Bot River lagoon, about 20 km outside of the all visitor absorbing seaside town that is Hermanus.

As for the adventure golf (otherwise known as putt putt or mini golf) itself, the course is a neatly laid out, not too difficult, but very pirate themed, 18 hole putting extravaganza which will do its best to draw the competitiveness out of any visiting party. That said, 18 holes is probably overkill for most kids as they generally can’t hold focus/interest for more than say 12!

Although its not nearly as fancy as what is being offered over at the nearby Benguela Cove restaurant, the Adventure Golf setup does have a few kid friendly lunch options on offer, and it is also worth mentioning that this particular visit surprisingly yielded some fun certificates of completion for all the girls – with which they were mighty chuffed I tell you. (And just for the record, we don’t actually know who won the round – the scorecard was blown away by the wind just before the 18th hole!)

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