Last year, in a small effort to change our scenery for a bit, Chantelle, the girls and I headed out for a stroll along the fabulous Sea Point Promenade, that lovely 11 km long walk that stretches all the way from Sea Point to Green Point in Cape Town. For a change, we allowed the girls to take their scooters along with them, and for an even bigger change, we swapped ends around, starting from the Sea Point Pavilion Swimming Pool side as opposed to our usual Three Anchor Bay parking space.

At this stage of the COVID pandemic, Chantelle was still very wary of people and as such we opted to hug the quieter road side of the walk, instead of the actual concrete promenade itself, and so we happily sauntered along as the girls scooted back and forth, soaking up the views and absorbing that all important change of scenery.

There were enough people out and about to keep it visually interesting, the Winter weather was (surprisingly) perfect, and the fresh sea air filling our lungs delightful.

So definitely not the usual art filled stroll among all the joggers, cyclists, inline skaters, and walkers along the sea, but a decent enough way to stretch the legs while letting the girls have a bit of fun during this horrible COVID pandemic that we all have to deal with.

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