Early morning, and after having enjoyed three glorious days as a tourist in Washington DC, I caught an early morning Southwest flight from Dulles International Airport through to San Diego via Atlanta, for a total flight time of just over 7.5 hours – honestly, compared to South Africa, the scale of the United States really is something else!

Anyway, my Touchwork colleague Johann picked me up from San Diego airport, and seeing as we weren’t in a rush or anything like that, we immediately headed out for lunch with a view at Coasterra, a beautiful bay front restaurant specializing in modern Mexican cuisine. This pretty much set the scene for how the rest of my stay in the beautiful town of San Diego was to be spent (aka “touristing”), and as you may suspect, the rest of my SD tourist expeditions tackled (of which there are many) will all be chronicled in forthcoming posts.

As for accommodation, for the next five days I got to stay at a super comfortable little Airbnb house situated on 8th Avenue in Hillcrest, a colourful and vibey neighbourhood that just so happens to be the center of San Diego’s LGBT scene. Naturally plenty of exploring was done, both solo and with Johann, and whenever the opportunity presented itself, I found myself taking nice long walks in just about every direction on offer.

As I have already mentioned, most of the big outings will all be featured in their own posts, but in terms of a few of the dining out highlights that don’t get a post of their own but are certainly worth a mention, springing to mind there was drinks at Fiesta Cantina, a supper at Kous Kous Moroccan Bistro, breakfast at Breakfast Bitch, and lunch at Sisters Pizza. In any event, here are some random photos of my time spent wandering about the Bankers Hill area in San Diego:

The almost always sunny San Diego is obviously completely different to Washington DC in terms of weather, architecture, people and vibe, offering pretty much exactly what you would expect from any quintessential Californian city. I genuinely do enjoy my visits there!

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