Chantelle was doing her usual browsing on Facebook when she spotted that Devon Valley Hotel was doing a whole high tea sort of thing as a Mother’s Day special, but more importantly, that they were extending it to the Saturday before Mother’s Day as well, which played rather nicely into our hands because a) who wants to bump into lots of people during a pandemic and b) who doesn’t love cake? So of course she brought the whole deal to my attention and naturally, off to Devon Valley we ventured.

The Devon Valley Hotel is somewhat of an institution in Stellenbosch, seeing as this hotel has been operating in one form or another since the late 1940s. Situated on the outskirts of the town in the incredibly picturesque and more importantly fertile Devon Valley area, the hotel and its colonial stylings offers a wonderfully secluded stay that has been a popular go to for romantic getaways since pretty much forever. As for our little expedition to Devon Valley in search of cake, well with Jessica enjoying a play date over at her bestie’s house, Emily got the reward of enjoying a little alone time with Mom and Dad, and so the three of us found ourselves eagerly following the winding farm road up to the hotel’s relatively tucked away entrance.

Devon Valley Hotel is beautifully leafy, and their restaurant terrace has an absolutely amazing view over the valley. Sadly though, it was a little too chilly to sit outside and enjoy the fresh air on this particular day, and as such Chantelle opted to sit inside where we enjoyed a leisurely afternoon of drinking a lot of tea and eating some particularly delicious cake. Emily enjoyed being the star of the show (and ordering everything from everyone), and given that there was almost no other visitors around us, we were in no particular rush to move on any time soon.

Devon Valley Hotel really is a picturesque space and well worth a visit (romantic or not), even if it is just to dine on the terrace and take in the gorgeous surroundings!

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