Having decided to head out for a little drive on the day, Chantelle, the girls and I headed out from Mossel Bay along the R102, hugging the coastline as we curved past Voorbaai and on to Hartenbos, before hitting the scenic open stretch that takes you past Klein Brak River, Reebok and Tergniet. This picturesque drive continues on to Great Brak River and indeed all the way over to George, though in this particular case we were more interested in first swinging a right to check out the idyllic hillside holiday homes lining the small streets perched above the inviting Indian Ocean down below.

One of the more interesting little finds is most definitely The Island, a tiny collection of residential and holiday homes tightly clumped together on an incredibly green little island standing where the mouth of the Great Brak river meets the Indian Ocean. The island is connected to the mainland by a relatively long, very narrow, wooden slatted concrete with rubber tracks bridge, just wide enough for a single car to cross over at a time. Now if you don’t know about The Island and more specifically the bridge itself, then driving over it is quite the daunting experience for any first time passengers in the car – just ask Chantelle and the girls! With that chuckle out of the way, we then moseyed over to check out the famed holiday beaches of Glentana, and pleasingly, the what had up until then been wet and grey skies opened up just in time to leave us with this particularly beautifully hued scene: (Note, it was however still bitterly cold. We didn’t hang around outside the car for very long!)

As for the turnabout point for this lovely little jaunt to nowhere, Chantelle and I decided to seek out the charmingly named Elvis Brew farm stall, situated on the same piece of land as what Veepos once did, right next to Bargain Nursery just outside of George Airport. Started up by the ever charming musician and coffee lover Elvis Blue, the Elvis Brew Co started out as a coffee brand before morphing into a lovely apparel and farm stall experience, all packaged in an eye-catching arrangement of yellow and black converted shipping containers standing on a small hill overlooking farmland, cows, and yes, the airport as well.

Coffee, music, curios, home industry snacks and of course a variety of bakes and even pizza, this fun little farm stall has enough seating and features a great buzz to make for a fun little outing where more often than not, you’ll find yourselves bumping into Elvis (Jan to his family) himself. So certainly an easy to recommend stop if you do ever find yourself milling about in the George area!

And with that, we turned around and headed back to Pinnacle Point in Mossel Bay – but not before first stopping for some caramel and chocolate glazed mini donuts at the Pizza and Donut Den in Hartenbos of course! ;)

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