If you have a dog and you live in Somerset West and you need to take it for a stroll, then more often than not you’ll take your furry friend for a stroll along the Lourens River at Radloff Park (where seemingly all the Somerset West sports grounds are also situated). Thus, armed with this knowledge, if you yourself want to stretch your legs with a little walk among the greenery and need some lever to convince your dog loving daughter to join you for said outing, what you need to do is suggest going for a walk at the aforementioned Radloff Park. All of which then explains how I convinced Jessica to join me for a walk along the river earlier this year.

The river walk itself isn’t particularly long, but it is delightful. The river flows tranquilly beneath you, birds fill the air, the trees tower over you, and various dogs of all shapes and sizes tend to move past you with pretty much each step. Naturally then, family picnics and playdates by the river is most definitely a thing, though believe it or not, this isn’t something that we’ve actually done ourselves. (Truthfully, we’re a bit slack on the whole picnic thing – I suspect that might be because I prefer going on long walks instead).

Anyway. And so we happily ambled along from the start of the park all the way up to the grounds of Morgenster Estate, petting dogs and throwing frisbee to one another, which mostly went right and only resulted in us being forced to climb down the steep river embankment once to fetch a particularly stray toss. Winning!

And then we discovered the rope swings on the way back. (So as always, a delightful scenic area to enjoy a casual stroll in, unless of course you are a bit scared of dogs.)

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