On the way back home to Gordon’s Bay, following a lovely little stay up at Pinnacle Point in Mossel Bay, we opted to do a pitstop pullover at the popular Bali Trading/Rooi Aalwyn complex which is situated just outside of Riversdale. Established 20 years ago as a small family business that simply imported and sold furniture from the Far East, Bali Trading has of course since morphed into a giant in the home decor, furniture, and specialized gifting space, and indeed, if you hail from the Western Cape then you’ve almost certainly come across some form of their footprint before!

The aforementioned big head office branch that sits perched at the top of a hill overlooking Riversdale has certainly grown in size and quality over these last two decades, and as you’ve come to expect from any of their associated shops, the space is packed from ceiling to floor with all manner of home decor, interior design, and furniture products, ranging all the way from the kitsch and quirky right up to the pleasantly sophisticated.

In other words, a visual treat to stroll through if you have a space back home desperately in need of refreshing (like we do)! Plus, we were also pleasantly surprised to discover that they have since opened a lovely little restaurant space within the shop itself, entitled the Barista Café. So as you might expect given the name then, good coffee, lekker cake, and as it turns out, smile inducing pizza for the kids as well.

So not a particularly scenic pitstop this one then, but certainly more than visually interesting enough.

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