With Jessica and I having successfully completed our little hike up to the Paradyskloof waterfall above the Eden Forest plantation in Stellenbosch, it was time for the reward segment of the morning and as such I suggested a Belgian Waffle with ice cream from Chapter 4 Eatery, situated inside the big Cape Garden Centre on the way to Stellenbosch – convenient as it was more or less halfway between us and the also joining for a treat Chantelle and Emily (who were still back home baking and nursing a toe injury respectively).

Cape Garden is of course a big, well known plant nursery chain here in the Western Cape, and indeed, if there is something that you need for your garden then you’ll undoubtedly find it with them. As for the two of us though, we just needed to kill some time waiting for the others to arrive, and so were happily fooling around with the plant trolleys for entertainment. You know, small things amusing small minds and all that!

Eventually though, Chantelle and Emily did arrive and we stepped into a relatively bustling Chapter 4 Eatery, with a lot of parents having brought their kids to have a little fun in the kid friendly courtyard while they escape from the warm afternoon sun. Chantelle and I settled in with something to drink and eat, while the girls happily got down to the serious business of playing – until their Belgian Waffles with ice cream arrived of course!

Bonus Fact: Interesting to know, the story behind Chapter 4 Eatery’s name is about as literal as what you can get. It is literally the fourth entry in owner Eloise’s (who we know from her days of owning the Mondeor garden kitchen out in Somerset West) journey as a restauranteur.

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