Following a lovely (though quite overcast) morning of watching the prancing ponies of the South African Lipizzaners perform their Spring Spectacular at the Mistico Equestrian Centre out in the farmlands of Paarl, the girls decided that it was now time for lunch, and so Chantelle and I opted to head out to what was formerly known as the Klein Joostenberg Deli to see what we could rustle up from the adjacent Joostenberg Bistro.

Joostenberg as a business certainly has expanded over the last couple of years, and is technically split into two main parts, namely the Joostenberg Wine Estate which is a working farm featuring vineyards, a boutique winery, flowers, herbs and vegetables, a free range cattle herd, plus the upmarket Kraal Restaurant, and the retail outlet which houses the Joostenberg Bistro, Joostenberg Deli, Joostenberg Butchery, Joostenberg Flowers, the Stellies Taproom, and finally a picnic and events venue.

With sprawling lawns, a small dam, and plenty of art and play equipment scattered about, on a good weather day the grounds at Joostenberg are then understandably quite packed with people, so it was rather nice to arrive to a somewhat quieter parking area than normal. Of course, the inclement weather did drive everyone who had opted to visit inside, and so it was actually quite lucky that we were able to secure a table at the bistro in the first place. Indeed the bistro was buzzing (so, so noisy according the me and the girls), and with a nice fireplace keeping everyone cozy and warm, the Lotters set about having some lunch.

With the kids in tow we opted for the simpler hamburger dish on the menu, but unfortunately what came out of the kitchen was a bit more on the bland side than what the menu had described, so it was to be honest a little disappointing. (That said, the accompanying triple fried potato chips were however absolutely divine!) The girls on the other hand were of course super happy with everything, so no complaints from that side of the choir.

All in all it is a lovely venue, very family friendly, and particularly nice to visit when the sun is shining – which as we swiftly move towards summer should soon be happening a lot more frequently!

Anyway, hunger sated, it was time for all three my girls to catch some shuteye while I took them around the long way back home.

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