Want your family to love you at the start of the day? Treat them to a breakfast of scones with jam and cream (and if they’re old enough, coffee too). If you don’t feel like making that yourself though, then there is always the option of heading out for a drive to Hillcrest Berry Orchards, perched up high on one of the slopes of the gorgeous Banhoek Valley, on the outskirts of Stellenbosch just before you reach Pniel.

Armed with a cozy fireplace warmed interior section and the gorgeous outdoor terrace, Hillcrest Berry Orchards is open for the always important business of eating throughout the year, offering a good choice of meal options that cover both breakfast and lunch, as well as a very enjoyable high tea experience. That said, we pretty much only ever visit there for their delicious scones, topped with a selection of interesting jams and of course that divine Devonshire clotted cream of theirs!

Hillcrest Berry Orchards is primarily a berry producing farm, famous for their huge array of delectable jams packaged in their very recognizable green topped little glass jars. The farm shop is where you’ll find a full assortment of frozen berries, jams, dessert toppings, relishes, jellies, berry vinegars, liqueured berries and gifts, as well as freshly picked berries when they are in season during the summer months. In addition to the farming, eatery and jam producing activities, the farm also offers accommodation options in the form of two self catering cottages.

Anyway, visiting is always a treat, which maybe then explains just why photos from this place keeping popping up on this old blog of mine! :)

The perfect spot for a cup of tea, the Hillcrest Berry Orchards’ terrace is a welcoming space that offers spectacular views over the surrounding mountains and is perfectly positioned to catch all those warming rays of sunlight! In other words, a pretty good way to start (or end) the day!

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